Story is the biggest part of what we do here at OFFWORLD. Finding the right story within a client’s brand and connecting it to their audience is why we get out of bed.

Ask any of us here, and you will find that story played an indelible role in shaping our childhoods and setting  us out on paths that we still travel on to this day. Star Wars did that for me. I remember seeing the original trilogy in the theater and walking out forever changed. George Lucas was telling me that it was okay to seek new worlds, to create strange creatures and imagine unforgettable adventures.

Disney today announced new Star Wars theme parks. You can thank us geeks for that. Heck, you can even thank those “just dipping their toe in the geek pool” sorts as well. What can I say other than “Hell Yeah!” I can’t wait for my kids to go. I can’t wait to go. New Star Wars movies and theme parks ( not to mention the tons of other stuff like comics and books ) will lead to … yep NEW STORIES. A whole new generation of soon to be designers, artists, directors, writers, animators, illustrators and so on will be immersed in these new worlds. Amazing stories will undoubtedly follow.

A week ago my son said he wished that Disney World would have a real snow speeder that he could get in and pretend that he was a rebel pilot. “Wouldn’t that be cool dad?” he asked.

Yes. It will be.




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