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Fossil Digital Customer Experience




Kevin Taylor

Developed for SAP’s SAPPHIRE 2016 Retail Exposition, this interactive “art of the possible” demo portrayed an enhanced in-store digital customer experience. The initial design was built to run on a 55″ Corning Transparent Projection Display simulating an interactive store window or product display case kiosk. Housed behind the glass screen were three physical watches on an Audrino powered transport system. When the user swiped between product screens, the app would send a signal to the Audrino to move a specific watch into view.

Unfortunately, the space required for Corning’s projection system caused problems for the event organizers, who failed to secure sufficient space to house our demo. So just days before the event, we lost our slot on the show floor. In a last ditch effort to save the project, we reconfigured the demo to run on an iPad and took our dog and pony show mobile.

To increase the sex appeal of the demo, we added Vuforia’s augmented reality plugin so that the user could virtually test drive different watches and band combinations on their own wrist.