Offworld is an Atlanta based creative studio providing motion graphics, strategic design, 3D animation, VR, AR, mixed reality and live action film production.

We work with ambitious brands from a diverse set of industries who prefer not to bore the hell out of everyone. If that sounds like you…then by all means reach out. Otherwise, please keep moving.



June 2015


Mountain View Group


Simon Umauf


Buff Harsh


Joel Edwards


Creative Direction



Concept one featured an energetic fly through of colorfully rich and abstract threads. The camera would weave in and out of the the structures, past titles featuring the CSM brand values. The ribbons of light would eventually assemble themselves into the CSM mosaic style logo.

Concept two was a much more straight forward approach with still images of delicious product, happy employees, and pleased customers featured in a dynamic three dimensional galaxy of imagery, color, and branding language. CSM ultimately chose concept two. The completed animation is featured above.